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Floriani Retired Colors thread storage trays

Floriani Retired Colors thread storage trays

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These thread storage trays will keep your Floriani Retired Colors organized.  The trays are engraved with all 30 of the retired color numbers for Floriani 40wt thread in numerical order.  These storage trays are laser cut and engraved from wood.  These storage trays are cut to fit into the Iris 6-drawer Scrapbook Cart with Organizer Top ASIN: B01LX6FV6H (not included).  These containers will keep your thread dust-free and out of sunlight.  Carts can be stacked.  Link to purchase the cart below.  You will receive one storage tray. You can purchase the Iris cart and have 5 more drawers for other threads or you can purchase just the container that the thread tray fits in.  Links for both are below.  Free gift - we will also include a drawer label with the color numbers range. As with all wood, there could possibly be knots and small flaws in the grain. We do our best to only use wood with the least amount of flaws; however, we cannot guarantee the wood to be flaw-free.  This will not affect the purpose of the storage trays. Thread and cart not included. Photos for reference purposes only. Approximate size of each insert is 13.25"W x 12.5"L x .375"H.  We only guarantee them to fit in the Iris carts listed below. ***PATENT PENDING***


Retired Colors:

PF0002, PF0167, PF0292, PF0298, PF0422, PF0423, PF0595, PF0632, PF0633, PF0634, PF0652, PF0687, PF0794, PF1020, PF1122, PF1182, PF1510, PF1602, PF1603, PF1608, PF1898, PF1900, PF1906, PF3657, PF6001, PF6354, PF6502, PF6504, PF6655, PF7983

  • each storage tray measures 13.25"W x 12.50"L x .375"H
  • fits the Floriani 40wt 1000m spools
  • engraved with all 30 of the retired colors for Floriani
  • designed to fit in the Iris 3-drawer or 6-drawer scrapbook cart (link in description)
  • you will need to purchase one of the iris 6-drawer scrapbook carts or an individual container
  • made-to-order, please all 2-3 weeks processing time
  • free shipping within the USA on orders $35 and up

Case - Michaels

Case - Amazon

Iris 6-drawer scrapbook cart - Amazon

Iris 6-drawer scrapbook cart - Walmart

Iris 3-drawer scrapbook cart - Amazon


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